Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Delectable Jan

After we dropped Jack off in Boston, Jim and I drove the 2 hours West to Brattleboro, Vermont where we spent the weekend.

My trip to Delectable Mountain Cloth to visit Jan Norris inspired this video:

Delectable Jan from Susan Elliott on Vimeo.

You can find the Delectable Mountain website here.  You can reach Jan and the staff at Delectable Mountain by phone at (802) 257-4456 or by email at  You can follow the shop news on Facebook here.

I've uploaded all the pictures that I used in the video to my Flickr account here.

After my visit, I felt such overwhelming gratitude to Jan that this was the only way I knew how to express it.

She does so much more than buy and sell cloth.

She puts all of herself into what she creates.

She really is everything.  I just love her.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Leaving Home and Coming Back

At last. 

I have come home again to my blog.  Time to clear out the cobwebs, dust off the keyboard and re-engage with my online life.

As with any break from routine, there is lots to catch up on so I won't waste any more time.

The biggest event for this Mom of One was sending my only off to college.

On Labor Day weekend, Jim and I drove the 6.5 hours to Boston to drop Jack off at Northeastern University where he has begun studies in their College of Computers and Information Sciences...

The drop off itself took minutes really.

The school provides these big moving carts designed to hold all your life's necessities...

It was a busy weekend in Boston with many apartment turnovers occurring on September 1 but there was little traffic getting to the University and getting parked.  Honestly, it took about 20 minutes total.

His dorm room is long and narrow.  It's a good thing that their beds are lofted because they wouldn't fit otherwise.  

He is lucky to be on a corner so he has three windows and a nice view of the street below...

There are two metro stops on his campus which makes getting around Boston a piece of cake.  And the Museum of Fine Arts is directly across from his college and two blocks away from his dorm.

We've already taken advantage of that blessing quite a bit.

After running to Target for a few extras, Jim snapped a quick pic to mark the moment...

And then he was gone...

Jim and I left Boston to travel the two hours to spend the rest of the weekend in Brattleboro, Vermont.  A wonderful trip full of fabric and good food!

Along the way,  we found ourselves on Route 111 for a stretch and I took that as a good sign.  One-Eleven has been a very special number for me and my family since my Mom passed away in 2008.

As for Jim and I...

It's back to long walks, dinner for two, movie nights and anything else that strikes our fancy.  We recognize this place and we like it.  A little older, a little out of practice, but beautiful just the same.

We haven't heard much from Jack.  He wasn't a big talker while he was living here and now that he's not...well...

It's quiet.  

I'm thinking we might find out how his first year of college was in about 10 years.  

Hey, anything we hear before then is a bonus!

As for me, I have lots to get caught up on...

I'm finishing up my Japanese Embroidery piece, Eternal Grace...

And Mrs. Rose wants to tell you her story in the next few weeks...she's been far too patient!

Scotland makes its vote for Independence on Thursday which makes me want to finish processing my pictures and book from last year...

And I have many photos and stories to share from our Summer while I was taking a break from technology.  

Looking forward to catching up with all of you and our needle community.  It's good to be back.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wrappiness --- Round Two

The nieces and I have been wrapping again.

When we gathered for the Fourth of July, we were down five I caught up with four of them the next weekend to make patriotic wrap bracelets, round two.

They had the benefit of seeing the ones made by the first group...and they took to the technique like fish to water.

Poring over the choices for buttons and beads...

Measuring their wrists and deciding on the total number of wraps...

Learning to ladder beads between two pieces of leather cording...

And getting a little help when needed...

It's always fun to see how one basic technique can lead to such wonderfully unique results...

Katie charted and beaded this "USA" inspired section...

And a couple of the girls wrapped a few rhinestone cup chain sections in their bracelets...

The results were star-studded spectacular.  

And though we're a little late for Fourth of July, we're just in time for the Star Spangled Spectacular to be held in Baltimore in September, commemorating the 200th birthday of our national anthem.  

Now that the girls all know the technique, they've begun to branch out on their own and make lots of other this stunning example designed by Ellie...

I just love it and so does she.

I highly recommend this project for a crafty gathering; it takes about a full day.

And it's more fun if everyone can just relax and get wrapped up in the flow of the making.

[Note:  If you're interested in making wrap bracelets too, I highly recommend the projects, videos and supplies provided at , click on subheading Cool Projects.]

Jim, Jack and I just got home from Jack's college orientation at Northeastern University in Boston, more on that next post. 

Miss you all but will have more time in another month or so when I'll be back online more regularly.  Until then, I'll bop in when I get a minute.  

Happy, wrappy day.

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